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I'm Anna, Your Burnout & Work-Life Harmony Coach

As someone who was addicted to work, felt guilty to take breaks or go on holidays, neglected own wellbeing, and didn’t have true meaning in life for years, I know how difficult is to break the pattern and create the life that you are craving so much!

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My Story

If you landed on this page, I am guessing that similar as me from couple of years ago, you started to wonder:


  • If what you have in life now, is everything that you can get

  • If feeling unfulfilled and like something is missing in your life all the time is how you suppose to feel

  • If not having time is “the new normal”

  • If you need to sacrifice your wellbeing, relationships, own growth, and dreams to be successful at work

  • If any of the time management techniques do even work

  • If not being satisfied with your life is something only you feel and face or is it something that everyone is struggling with now and you just need to get on with it

  • If you are the only person on the planet that feels like you are about to break under the pressure of never-ending requests and deadlines combined with sleep deprivation

  • If not going on holiday and resting was really worth it

  • If life should look like: waking up, going to work, coming back home, going to sleep, waking up and so on…


If you can relate to any of the statements above, you are in the right place.

Five years ago, more than any other time in my life I felt all of these… and was asking myself million different questions. I was partially blaming the fact that I live abroad, far from my family and friends. But deep down, I knew I was only looking for excuses. The truth is, my relationship with work was never healthy. I was always giving 300%, and the more I was giving, the more I felt was expected from me. Although I loved my job, I was tired all the time, I was mentally absent in most outside of work conversations and if you would ask me what hobbies I have or what I do for fun, my answer would most likely be “Fun? What do you mean by that?”. And I didn’t really see any problem – I liked to work, I liked to be able to always over deliver. Until I started to feel this emptiness in my life, and I didn’t know where this was coming from and what I needed to do with that.

And this got me thinking:
When I was younger, I was always juggling many different things, some that I had to do, and some that helped me to keep developing myself or simply brought me joy. And I remember when I graduated from Uni, my biggest fear was to never learn anything in my life again. So step by step I started to rediscover what used to bring me joy and what I want to do in and with my life (other than work of course).


It was a very long journey:

The journey of self-discovery…
The journey of self-forgiveness
The journey of learning new, useful things and unlearning what wasn’t serving me…
The journey of getting new skills and creating new habits…
The journey of working on my mindset and creating boundaries healthy boundaries
Today my life is very different from the life I had 5 years ago.
I finally found my unique harmony in life.
I am actually enjoying my life.
I am confident and empowered to act on my desires.
I am putting myself first and focusing on my goals and dreams.
I finally HAVE TIME!

Balancing Rocks

So if:
you are feeling burnt out and overwhelmed by life and work
you are craving fulfilment, purpose, and passion in your life
you want more out of life but feel like you have no time
you want more out of life but have no idea where to start
you want more out of life but feel like you have no energy
you are feeling out of alignment
you have lost touch with what makes you, YOU
Now it's time to act!

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